Competitions and olympiads

Regional youth center in Košice is regional coordinator of olympiads and competitions of Ministery of Education. National coordinator in most of the cases is IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute.

Main aim of these competitions is to support talented young people in Slovakia.


Biological olympiad (BiO) is meant for pupils of elementary schools, 8-year grammar schools and high schools aimed to biology, geology, environmetalism and other biological sciences. It is organised in four rounds: school, county, district and state. Project part of the state round of BiO for categories A, B and C is realised as a science conference. The best contestants of theoretical-practical part are to participate the International Biological Olympiad (IBO) and the best of project part are to participate the International Enviromental Project Olympiad (INEPO and INEPO EUROASIA).

Chemical Olympiad (ChO) is preliminary contest organised in Slovak Republic as one of the forms of voluntary activities of pupils and is part and parcel of educational process at schools. It is meant for pupils of elementary schools, 5, 6 and 8-year grammar schools and high schools. It is divided into 7 categories (A, B, C, Dz, Dg, E and F). For A category it is organised in 4 rounds (school, county, disctrict and state), for B, C and Dg categories in 3 rounds (study, school and district), for Dz category in 4 rounds (study, school, county and district) and for E and F categories in 3 rounds (study, school and state). The best contestants are to participate the International Chemical Olympiad (IChO) and Grand Prix Chemique.

Physics Olympiad (PhO) is meant for pupils of elementary schools, lower grades of 8-year grammar schools (categories E, F and Archimediad) and students of high schools (cat. A, B, C and D). It is organised in 4 rounds : school, county, district and state. Students with the best results at state round are to represent Slovakia at International Physics Olympiad.

Mathematical Olympiad (MO) is meant for pupils of elementary schools, 8-year grammar schools and students of high schools. It is organised in 5 rounds: home, school, county, district and state. Students who gain the best results at state round represent Slovakia at International Mathematics Olypmpiad (IMO) and Middle-European Mathematical Olympiad (MEMO).

History Olympiad (HO) is a contest of individuals and is meant for pupils of 6th – 9th grade of elementary school, 1st – 4th class of 8-year grammar school, students of 1st – 4th grade of high school and students of 5th – 8th class of 8-year grammar school. The contest is held every year and is divided into categories and rounds.

Europe at School (EaS) is an international project combined with the competition which is meant for children and youth at age of 6 – 19 years. The project runs under the auspices of international organizations and is realised in 36 European countries. Project Europe at School is a tool of proeuropean education and implementation of european dimension into the process of schooling and citizenship education.

Slovak language and literature Olympiad (SLLO) is one of the forms of voluntary activities of pupils of elementary and high school, is organised as a perliminary contest and is announced yearly. Its aim is to deepen, widen and strengthen the communicative skills if students in Slovak language, make them more interested in self-educating and self-contained creative activities and step up the interest in Slovak language and literature.

Human Rights Olympiad (HRO) is for high-school youth and is a preliminary contest realised by means of tests and essay presentations about selected topics. It is organised in three rounds: school, district and state. The aim of HRO is to strengthen the basic democratic pillars in Slovakia among studying youth, paying attention to protection and securing of the basic human rights, mediate the knowledge of one’s rights as well as knowing the children’s rights.

Other competitions

Slávik Slovenska (competition in singing). OZ Slávik Slovenska is the main organisator of the children’s singing contest SLÁVIK SLOVENSKA. The 19th year will take place in 2009. Since 1990 the opera singer Peter Dvorský is the guarantor of the contest. More than 40 000 children from whole Slovakia attend the contest in school rounds. The contest has the preliminary character: school, county, district and final rounds take place in chosen town of Slovakia. The contest obeys its own propositions, including the Spevníček Slávika Slovenska (songbook) with compulsory repertoire of Slovak folk songs. The contest is organised in three categories and is meant for children aged 7 – 15 years.

Šaliansky Maťko (folk-tales recitation)The whole-slovak contest in recitation of slovak fables from slovak folk author is named after the writer and founder of artistic magazine Slniečko – J. C. Hronský. The contest includes three categories: pupils of 2. – 3. grade, 4. – 5. grade and 6. – 7. grade of the elementary school. Each pupil competes with one Slovak fable max. 6 minutes. The children are still more interested in Šaliansky Maťko. The school, county and district rounds are organised in cooperation with district departments of Matica Slovenská, Houses of Matica Slovenská and county and district departments of education. The winner then participate on national round. Šaliansky Maťko plays the important role in children’s recognising if national history and culture as well as in their development of aesthetic taste and ability of artistic communication. The main organisator of the contest is the County Department of Matica Slovenská in Šaľa. Matica Slovenská in Martin and Bratislava and the magazine Slniečko are the coorganisators. The results are announced in Šaľa.