Košická Belá – training for RCM youth leaders

The end of summer holiday in our organization CVČ-RCM is traditionally dedicated to prepare future youth leaders to our foreign projects. This year wasn´t an exception either and so from the 26th  to the 29th of August in Košická Belá we have met with another group of active and clever high school students who have the potential to become superior leaders in the future.

The preparation of young people to what could they face as leaders of slovak groups was organized with the help of a foreign lector Marcello who accepted our invitation and came to Slovakia from Italy. The participants had a unique opportunity to gain a lot of new information from a very experienced man. The training was focused on mainly on what does it mean to „be a leader“. The young people could also learn more throughout methods of non formal education about group dynamics or the importance of collaboration as a group. Naturaly (as on all our educational trainings and event for young people) there was a lot of fun and friendly atmosphere.

The educational training organized in Holel DAM was only the first step to reach the final goal. There will be other two stages of the training that in the future will be led by Slovak groups during their partecipation on international exchanges. Future leaders can look forward to the scholastic year 2018/2019 :)