International projects – summer 2018

Our center the whole year is working on many various activities which gives the opportunity to young people the space of self-fulfilment and an effective way to use their free time. Contrary to high school students our job doesn´t end in June but with the beginning of summer we are starting the season with international youth exchange, foreign education trainings and seminars. This year we tried to offer young people many interesting opportunities to travel abroad, meet coevals from other european countries, gain new experiences and skills and most of all – live through something that is hardly forgettable.

Summer season was opened in June by a group who traveled to Prora, Germany and have partecipated at a big international camp with more than 100 partecipants from 10 european countries. „The project in Prora was great and have enjoyed it a lot. We were even more happy when we experienced the beauty of Berlin and were in a totaly different environment. Thank you for the great experience! wrote one of the participants of the project.

In July other youngster have traveled to the north – to Finland to be a part of an international training for young people.

A Slovak group under the aegis of CVČ-RCM have spent 10 days in Italy where togheter with other coevals from european countries tried to work on anti-drug education for young european people.

Six unforgettable days have 6 youngsters experienced on bycicles near the Luxemburg – German border not only from the Košice region but from all Slovakia. The participation on the project in Luxembourg was appreciated by a high school student from Košice in the following way: „Throughout sport I have visited 4 countries and amplified my geografical knowledge. I have made several new friendships and my english got better. I would be happy to take part in a similar project also next year. Thank you for this project.”

We have also sent at the end of July a group composed only of women to a medieval castle to Neuerburg. „In Neuerburg it was great. Since we had accomodation in a medieval castle it created a very pleasent atmosphere. Participants but also leaders from other countries were very nice and friendly. I had a wonderful leader and friends with whom we had a great time. I liked all activities that we were doing there. THANK YOU all that were there with me on this project and gave me wonderful memories. I will never forget this experience“  says about her feelings on this intenational exchange one of the partecipants.

We are not forgetting in the summer the teachers or youth workers either. Two partecipants were sent to an international educational camp to the Netherlands where they have shared experiences with other 13 countries regarding multicultural education of young people, tolerance and eliminating prejudices.

The summer season of international projects under our aegis was finished with an intenational education camp at our northern neighbors – in the polish Poronine young people from the Košice region had the possibility to better their leading skills.

In collaboration with our foreign partners without whom all this wouldn´t be possible, we have enabled in the summer season 2018 to more than 30 young people to experience how is it to be a part of a big international team. All projects that we have participated on as CVČ-RCM were financed throughout the european program Erasmus+ which gives opportunity absolutely to everybody.

We can say we have another succesfull – project and international summer and we are already looking forward to the year 2019 when will bring to all active young people who are ready to travel new experiences, attractive offers and interesting projects.