YOUTH LEADERS RCM – training august 2016

From the 29th of August to the 1st of September 2016 a training course in ŠvP Kysak was organized for youth leaders where 15 ardent young people have met, who have partecipated in various national and international projects in Slovakia and abroad. The training was focused on international mobility, project management and youth initiatives. The course was led in english language with Marcello Ingrassi an international instructor that enabled the participants to train their english skills.

We listened with great interest the stories and experiences of Daška Gardošiková, Mária Franková and Jakub Szepesgyorki, who all partecipated on other activities and collaborated with  CVČ RCM as youth leaders for many years. Very interesting was the story of Szabina Némethová who is for many years active in AISEC in Košice.

We have also invited a guest to the course Mgr. Henrich Hrehor, PhD from the History department of the Faculty of Philosophy, who talked about extremism and its manifestation from a historical point of view.

Together with the partecipants we focused on planning other projects and courses that CVČ RCM could sustain within the youth initiatives and common projects.

The next training course will be held by our youth leaders Jakub and Maria.