Activation Policy and Youth Employment: competences in our hands

24 young people and youth workers from the eight organizations from seven countries – Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom met each other
at 12-19 April 2015 in the “School in nature Kysak” on the international Training course with the title: “Activation Policy and Youth Employment: competences in our hands”
The project was financially supported by the Erasmus + programme
Youth unemployment is a common phenomenon in European Union countries. Most current strategies and policies of individual countries and the European Union itself consider importance to measures and instruments on youth employment with links to formal and non formal education, adopting activation policies to support youth employment..
Youth work in the field of non-formal education can be one of the instruments improving to prepare young people to access the labor market.
Our intention was to contribute to create opportunities for young people in improving their competencies and acquire new skills through non-formal education in a multicultural environment through our specific objectives as for instance. (To stimulate young people’s awareness of the value and importance of non-formal education as a real added value to young people’s employability, intercultural education and other innovative teaching methods in the development of key competencies, skills and abilities in the labor market, develop the skills of participants and enable better understanding of the mechanisms of the market work at national and European level to compare the different situations in the partner countries in terms of participants) ,
Participants had opportunity to inform each other of the situation in the partner countries, about the opportunities that young people have in their living place, to present good examples of initiatives of young people themselves in the context of entrepreneurship activities. They had opportunity to try out an interview with potential employers through role-games. We visited the village Kechnec, where we had the opportunity to see and hear a good example of comprehensive local youth policy. We also visited the company VSE, which works with schools and universities in order to carry out vocational trainings for potential young workers
Of course all the project activities were running in a frame of non-formal education, presentations alternated with group work, discussions, team building activities and fun